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Announcing the formation of the Arabian Sport Horse Alliance, an independent organization dedicated to supporting and promoting Arabian-bred horses in all sport disciplines and in sport horse and sport pony breeding.
Experience the joy of a partnership with an
Arabian-bred sport horse

Mission Statement

The Arabian Sport Horse Alliance was formed to promote the interests of owners, breeders, trainers, and exhibitors who are dedicated to developing purebred Arabian, Anglo-Arabian, Shagya Arabian, and part-bred Arabian sport horses and sport ponies to their fullest potential.

This is defined as their use as competitive, user-friendly partners in the traditional sport horse disciplines of dressage, eventing, hunters, jumpers, combined driving, and driven dressage from suitability classes to the highest performance levels.

The Alliance also supports the development of the emerging disciplines of working equitation and western dressage and recognizes endurance as sharing the same roots in the cavalry tests as the traditional sport horse disciplines.

1) To maintain and operate an association of owners, breeders, trainers and other enthusiasts who desire to promote and support the use of Arabian bred sport horses and sport ponies in the sport horse disciplines and in sport horse breeding.

2) To work cooperatively with the Arabian Horse Association and its clubs, the North American Shagya-Arabian Society, the Performance Shagya-Arabian Registry, USEF affiliate sport horse discipline organizations, sport horse breeding registries, and other associations on matters of common concern.

3) To provide recognition and incentives for achievements in performance and breeding of Arabian-bred sport horses and ponies.

4) To support the Arabian sport horse community through education and outreach.

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