FCF Charming Pixie – gifted Arabian dressage mare

FCF Charming Pixie – gifted Arabian dressage mare

(FCF Oberons Vanity x Glorious Epiphany OLA) CMK bloodlines

(Current schooling video in website link above –Pixie is now getting back to fitness after time off due to Covid-19 disruptions)

Pixie is a sweet and willing mare who shows excellent aptitude for dressage including a quick hind leg and expressive elastic gaits. She has a classically correct foundation and is ready to be developed further. She was slow to mature so we was started carefully. She was raised in a mixed age herd with mares, geldings, and foals with lots of free exercise on abundant pastures to develop well both physically and socially.

Pixie is a bit over 14.2H with a deep body, substantial bone, and excellent feet.

Her sire, FCF Oberons Vanity, is now competing successfully at Intermediare during the 2020 season. Pixie clearly shows her sire’s influence and has perhaps even better gaits. The trainer and working student both noted that she is very similar to her sire under saddle -albeit much earlier in her training!

Pixie is honest and very willing under saddle. She is sensitive, responsive, and forward, but not “hot”. Requires an educated tactful rider who will bring her along according to classical principles. Would be great for a talented amateur who desires to bring an Arabian up the levels.

This is a true dressage type mare who –like her sire– could be competitive at USDF shows.

The well-being of the horses we’ve bred is paramount so we are careful to sell our horses to riders who can offer a good home and are a suitable match.

Located in Ferrisburgh, Vermont.

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