Performance Proven Imported Shagya-Arabian Stallion – At Stud

Performance Proven Imported Shagya-Arabian Stallion – At Stud

*KS RUBIN is a proven high-performance athlete, who is siring high-performance athletes with his exceptional metabolics, athletics, conformation and his wonderful temperament. *KS RUBIN is also producing height and his offspring are competing in Show Jumping, Dressage and Endurance.

*KS RUBIN Is the most accomplished Shagya-Arabian Endurance stallion in the United States, and now at 17 years of age, is into his second career in Dressage. This notable stallion has completed 38 (of 42 total) AERC Endurance rides, for a total of 1,765 lifetime AERC miles. *KS RUBIN also successfully competed to the CEI 2* level, and he demonstrated a 90% overall AERC & CEI completion rate.

*KS RUBIN has twice earned Top Ten in the national AERC “Jim Jones Stallion Award,” receiving 2nd place in 2009, and 10th place in 2010. He accomplished all of this while being ridden by eight (8) different riders – two of which were Young Riders – and while he competed in five (5) different AERC regions.

*KS RUBIN is a Performance Shagya-Arabian Registry Book 1 stallion, with “Specialty Plus” performance recognition.

*KS RUBIN is available at stud in 2018 via frozen semen. His stud fee is $1,500.00 with a live foal guarantee, consideration will be given for performance proven mares. *KS RUBIN’s semen is of excellent quality, and is certified for EU export. All *KS RUBIN foals, 2007 to date, are from his high quality frozen semen. Please visit for more information.

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