Licensing scores: Jumping technique – 9; Body – 9; Limbs -8; Movement – 9; Total Average score – 9! Licensing comments: Big significant stallion of extremely good type, Extremely good free shoulder, Large well balanced canter, and Sweeping trot with good rhythm. Measures: 164 cm (16-1 hands) tall, and has a 21cm (8.26 inches) cannon. He passed his 35 day Stallion testing.

Dartan brings new genetics to the USA and Canada. His sire, Daru, is also the sire of the head Shagya-Arabian stallions Temp and Traper at the Kabiuk State Stud in Bulgaria. Dartan’s maternal grand-sire, Radautz, was a successful show jumper and L level dressage competitor. All frozen semen has been processed under the strict supervision of Select Breeders Service (SBS) and is of the highest quality. Dartan is an excellent choice for not only any of the US/Canadian Shagya-Arabian mares, but also purebred Arabian mares to add size, frame and athletic ability. He is a charismatic stallion who wins your heart the minute he walks out of his stall. 

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