Time for Submissions for the Upcoming ASHA Yearbook!

Time for Submissions for the Upcoming ASHA Yearbook!

Arabian Sport Horse Alliance, Inc. members,
thank you for your continued support and participation.


The upcoming Arabian Sport Horse Alliance Yearbook & Directory will once again showcase our members and highlight the organization’s activities promoting Arabian, Shagya-Arabian, Anglo-Arabian, and Arabian-bred sport horses.

The 2018-2019 ASHA Member Yearbook and Directory will have LOTS of great content including:

  •  Honoree Articles
  •  Awards listings
  •  Listing of all Arabian-bred horses that our members have recorded with ASHA
  •  Member Photo Gallery
  •  Foal Paddock Gallery — Show off your 2018 Foals!
  • Studbook Inspection Reports —  Share your Foal Inspections, Mare & Stallion Approvals
  •  Youth Spotlights  –
  •  Updates from the Board
  •  Informative Articles
  • and more……

Check out our 2017-2018 Yearbook to see the kinds of fabulous content that is included!  2017-2018 ASHA Yearbook & Directory

Sample pages

New for 2018!

  • Sidebar Member Spotlights  — short write-ups showcasing exceptional activities with member owned horses — special achievements (earning USDF gold medal), being selected for and successfully participating at a high profile open competition or clinic, etc. (The intention is for spotlighting “ambassador” type events or other exceptional experiences with an Arabian-bred sport horse. These sidebar stories are for sharing a showcase kind of experience, not for listing the year’s accomplishments.)

Cara Blanchard Kilbourne & SoHos Southwind
  • Spotlight on a Sport Discipline — The selected discipline for 2018 is Eventing.  We invite members of ASHA and others to submit short accounts and an accompanying photo of  their Arabian eventer past or present!  We’ll include as many as we can fit. 
Vermiculus and Lauren Kieffer (photo by Cass Ingles/Entice Design)

Guidelines and Instructions


Please note that all of the processing and production of the Yearbook & Directory is done by a very small number of dedicated volunteers.  All Horse Recording, Stallion Roster, and Farm Profile content must be entered by January 25th to give us sufficient time to prepare submissions and updates for proofing.

Photo Gallery, Foal Paddock Gallery, and Studbook Inspection News must be submitted by January 25th (details will be provided in e-blasts and updated on this page).

Our team will be working with Farm Members on their Stallion and Farm Pages for previewing and proofing via individual e-mail contact.

All final member directory listings with their horses will be posted for final proofing by members by January 30th.


To verify that your membership status is current check this 2018 membership list (updated 12/01/2018) If you have any questions about your membership status please contact us via: secretary@arabiansporthorsealliance.org

If you wish to renew for 2019 you may do so via  JOIN/RENEW    All ASHA memberships are by calendar year Jan 1 – Dec 31.)


All current members are entitled to record all their Arabian-bred sport horses for inclusion in the directory listing.  Please check the current member listings for horses List of Horses –2018 Current Members (updated 12/01/2018) to make sure your horse(s) is(are) listed correctly.  All members will have an opportunity to preview the updated and formatted horse listing prior to publication of the Yearbook/Directory.

If you need to enter additional horses you can do so via this form  RECORD HORSE INFO

If you need to update or correct a horse listing you may enter the information needing updating via this form UPDATE
   For updates, you must enter the owner’s name and the horse’s name, but then you ONLY need to enter any information that has changed because the other information remains in our database.  If your horse has earned AHA Achievement levels and you want the name updated with the earned symbols, this form will record the name change for you.)

 If you need assistance with horse recording or horse updating or need to notify us to remove any horse(s) from your listing, you can contact us via: secretary@arabiansporthorsealliance.org 


Farm Members are entitled to have a farm profile listing (on the ASHA website AND in the Yearbook/Directory) and Stallion Roster listings in the Yearbook/Directory for all of their sport horse stallions.

To view the last year’s Farm Profile pages VIEW

To enter a Farm Listing use this form:  CREATE FARM LISTING

  If you need to update your current farm listing you can do so via re-entering all the info in the Farm Listing Form.  Your new farm profile will be activated and the earlier one will be deactivated by the webmaster within a few days of submitting an revised farm profile.  If there is a very minor change (substituting one photo, updating a phone number, or other small change) you can contact us via info@@arabiansporthorsealliance.org to get assistance.

To view the last year’s Stallion Profile pages VIEW

To enter a stallion in the roster use the Horse Recording Form for a new entry. ENTER STALLION INFO

If your stallion is already recorded, please use the Horse Recording Update Form  UPDATE  to update information and/or change photos.  (You will need to select “stallion” and “farm member” on the forms to trigger the extra stallion roster fields.  For updates you then only need to enter the updated details or new photos.)

If you just want to change photos, but keep the rest the same then you can use THIS FORM

For assistance with Stallion Roster entries contact info@@arabiansporthorsealliance.org


2018 Studbook Inspection Information SUBMIT

2018 Member Gallery, Year End Awards, and/or Foal Paddock Photos  UPLOAD
(Farm Members limited to 2 photos for Member Gallery, Individual and Youth Members limited to 1 photo for Member Gallery.  For Foal Paddock one photo per member foal born in 2018)

2018 Youth Profiles (Direct Outreach to Youth Members has begun. Submission form is HERE. Deadline to submit is January 30th)

(If you have trouble with any of these Google forms please contact info@arabiansporthorsealliance.org )


Images must be 500K or preferably larger (1MB or more), in sharp focus, and with good exposure
If taken by a professional photographer you must have permission to use the image for publication
Please include identifying info including horse name, owner name, and the any special information requested (like sire and dam for foal photos, registry/inspection date & location for inspection photos)

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